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About Us

Let’s start with a little bit of history.  Year 2010 – Rob Call, a man from Philadelphia wanted to open a restaurant that featured hamburgers, hotdogs and the famous Phillies Cheese Steak and also honor the Philadelphia baseball team.  He was able to lease the building recently vacated by the owners of the Sub-delicious restaurant.  Along with some likeminded investors he was able to create the Phillies Sports Club and Grill, known now, simply as Phillies; it sits on a flagship location at the corner of Raymond St., and Fields Ave, just a few meters before the entry to the famous Fields Avenue Walking Street.  An idea from one man was now a reality.


Like any new business, over the years one deals with growing pains as we provided a 24/7 sports and dining experience.  Within 3 years Phillies was able to grow to where we provide a place for all, to include families.  Sadly, during this time, Rob Call passed away but his dream project remained and grew through hard work and dedication by his partners.  Within two years 25 HDTVs and 10 satellites were installed which offer the best sports from all over the world.  Imagine this, regardless of which sport is being shown on our TV’s any customer can request to view a sport of his choice.  The busiest location is on the ground floor but more TV’s are located on the second floor which is a bit more private.  With a 200 person capacity you will be able to find a seat in which to enjoy our quality food and great sports viewing.

The objective of the remaining partners was to not only continue with the ideas of Rob, but to instill a vigorous active program to bring more entertainment, better food and quality customer service.  All areas of the operation were scrutinized with special attention to the kitchen in which we have made major improvements.  Our kitchen staff must pass written, verbal and practical tests before being hired.  Emphasis is on cleanliness and quality of food being served.  Our menu is under constant review to eliminate items that are not selling and add new selections that might match the tastes of our customers.  Our waitresses are well trained and receive all benefits required by the Philippine labor laws.   We feature live bands every night at 10 PM and are constantly reviewing their performance and customer reaction so that we can provide the music in demand.  Without a doubt we “Rock at Phillies” Sports Grill. 

How about Wi-Fi service?  We installed a fiber optic service that gives you an internet speed equal or faster than most eateries or bars in town.  We replaced a large projector screen at stage level that did not provide a suitable viewing for customers sitting on either side of the screen.  We purchased 4 60” TV’s, erected a hanging support and placed all four TV’s at a height that allows sharp TV viewing at any angle. This was a well received change. 

Feel like playing pool?  We have a first class table for you to use.  How about a game of darts?  Two boards are located on the second floor.  We celebrate various holidays with special meals, entertainment and games.  Our Phillies singers will sing for you on your birthday and present you with a little treat.  You deserve special attention on your birthday.

We offer catering services for all types of occasions and also offer delivery service to hotels, condotels, call centers and homes at with no delivery charge.  Being environmentally aware we have eliminated the use of Styrofoam containers for take-out and delivery orders.

You are reading this personalized message from the owners on our upgraded website (www.philliesportsgrill.com) which allows you to browse through the site and check out our menu, activities, sports schedules and up to date activities.  We have started our second 5 year contract here and we continue to look for ways to improve, innovate and above all, bring the service that you, the customer look for and deserve.  Please enjoy our New Website and feel free to contact us.  Stop in and say hello and become part of the Phillies Sports Grill experience, our attractive waitresses will greet you with a smile that will “make your day”.